Story Of Bonju

Bonju cat in real life

The Beginning

The idea of Bonju was born in 2011. Bonju is the name of a real cat that was taken by one of our founders, Albert Hartono. Long story short, Albert and Bonju became good friends and lived together. Who would have thought that the friendship between humans and cats could be the start of a wonderful adventure in the next few years.

The Makaroni Bonju Era

Albert never forgets his best friend. In 2012, Albert founded a macaroni snack business which he named “Makaroni Bonju”. As a tribute to his best friend, he made Bonju as the mascot character for his snack business. Bonju is a cute and adorable half-pasta cat character. Bonju represents its audience who are in their teens.

Unexpectedly, Makaroni Bonju business went very well. Until today, Makaroni Bonju has successfully sold more than 2 million pcs in Indonesia. Makaroni Bonju also has a positive contribution to the economy. Bonju contributes to creating jobs for more than 1000 people (employees & distributor partners) spread across the country.

Bonju Comics

Bonju’s journey continues. In 2013 Bonju Comics began to be worked on and introduced through Instagram media. In 2016, we made a big step by releasing Bonju Comics on the Webtoon platform.

Unexpectedly, the reader’s interest in Bonju Comics is very large. As of today, Bonju Comics has been followed by 20.3k readers on Webtoon and has been read more than 2 million times!

Bonju Comics tells about the life of Bonju and his friends in a fictional world called “The Meowverse”. Bonju Comics is told in a satirical comedy style by one of our founders and proud illustrators, Wendix.

You can read our Webtoon page here:

Bonju Comics is also present at several comic festivals, including:

  • Festival Komik Nasional (2017)
  • Mangafest (2018)
  • Mangafest (2019)
  • Asia Comicon (soon 2022)

Bonju Meowverse NFT

In 2021, Bonju enters a new chapter by entering the metaverse. Bonju released 5,555 unique Collectibles with a combination of hand drawn and generative art with the following specifications:

  • 4,949 Exclusive Collectibles (The Meow-ciety)
  • 550 Rare Collectibles (The Meow King)
  • 55 Super Rare Collectibles (The Meow Angel)
  • 1 Ultra Rare Collectibles (The Meow God)

We are committed to making this Bonju Meowverse project a long-term and sustainable project. We are determined to create high value in the future for Bonju and the community. We hope we can grow together as friends and family. More than that, we hope we can work together to create great things in the future.

We believe tech developments can make Bonju bigger and have more positive impact in the future. Our big goal is to create economic value and social value that continues to grow in the long term. Thus, the value of Bonju NFT will continue to grow with the big plan that we have built together.

Bonju Meowverse Roadmap

Real-life Airdrop Merch & Snack

Congratulations! You’ll get special access to the airdrop from Bonju in the form of Merchandise and Meowverse Snacks that you can get in the real world!

Bonju Charity Event

Bonju wants to provide a social impact, because of that Bonju invites you to join the Meowcat Sterilization Special Charity.

The Pet Honorary Item Airdrop (LIMITED AIRDROP)

Bonju Meowverse will create 100 NFT cat special collectibles that represent your pet cat. Limited NFT airdrop for selected holders.

Bonju DAO

Bonju will launch a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) distributed through a special token.

Bonju’s Friend NFT

We will introduce another character from Bonju comics. Her name is Mimi, Bonju’s love interest. Every Bonju NFT’s holder will automatically get a whitelist spot.

Baby Bonju NFT

If you have a collection of couples (Bonju and Mimi), you’ll get a Special Baby Capsule! You can use the Baby Capsule to mint Baby Bonju!

This is a long journey. It doesn’t feel like 10 years have passed with Bonju. But this journey is not over, this time we invite you to participate in this new chapter. Together with Bonju Meowverse, we will create a better world for all of us.

Join our Discord → CLICK HERE




Bonju is the main character of Bonju Comics. It has been read over 2 million times on Webtoon. Now, ready on NFT.

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Bonju Meowverse NFT

Bonju Meowverse NFT

Bonju is the main character of Bonju Comics. It has been read over 2 million times on Webtoon. Now, ready on NFT.

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